Monday, October 5, 2009

My Family Chart

Hello, let me introduce the new member in our family, Hiro!! Hiro is named after my favourite character in TV show 'Heroes".

He is 7 weeks now and super active + naughty. His personality is 100% opposite with his sister BB. BB is smart, soft, caring and clean, but Hiro likes to shit and pee everywhere he like, no matter how many times we teach him. Besides, he likes to bite, becareful with your hand when u hold Hiro. BB is now staying at grandmother's house, taking care of grandma & grandpa, make them happy and guarding the house. And Hiro is being locked in his little house, learning how to pee & at the right place. One thing good about Hiro is he is very indepentent and never make noise at night. I hope Hiro can catch up what we teach him soon and don't bully his sister again.